Frequently Asked Questions

Voyage of sea vessels within the Sehir Hatlari A.S. may be subject to delay or cancellation, due to mandatory reasons such as weather conditions, unexpected technical failures.

In these cases, information can be obtained from the Sehir Hatlari Twitter  of the Sehir Hatlari website or from the ALO 153  Customer Service Center, which provides services 24 hours a day.
Bicycles are allowed in ferries in Sehir Hatlari A.S. at no charge for guests traveling.

  • Pets can also be transported outside the passenger lounges with the condition of being in cages and in the safe places indicated by the ferrymen. However, depending on the number, type of steamer and the suitability of the areas, pet transportation can be limited.

  • Pets without cages are considered to be outside the passenger lounges and in the safe places indicated by the ship's guards.

  • Provided that only in cages, small pets such as birds, cats and rabbits are traveling together with the passenger, providing support to the visually and hearing-impaired passenger and providing emotional support, the guide dogs are accepted into the designated passenger lounges.

  • Dogs who are trained for emotional support, and have spiritual support and psychiatric services, must have a valid health report prepared on behalf of the passenger to be accepted into the passenger lounges.

  • The guide dog needs to sit at the bottom of the owner's feet with a clean and special collar attached.

  • It is important that the pet traveling with the passenger is healthy, harmless, clean and odorless. If the animal is suspicious for being restless, aggressive and diseased, it may not be accepted by the Sehir Hatlari A.S. officials.

  • Sehir Hatlari cannot be held responsible for any costs and damages that may occur in case of deterioration, death, loss and injury of the transported animal during or after the travel. In this regard, taking necessary measures belongs to the owner of the pet.

  • In the wharf areas and in the ferries, which are the responsibility area of ​​the Sehir Hatlari, the owner of the pet is responsible for all kinds of damages the pets can give to third parties.

Apart from the Long Bosphorus Tour, Short Bosphorus Tour and Moonlight Trip; Passengers aged 65 and over, disabled guests and veterans, martyrs and veterans' widows and orphans are allowed to travel for free.

Students, teachers and people aged 60-65 are subject to discount rates.

The Law No. 4207 prohibits smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products in public transport. In this context, in case of smoking cigarettes and tobacco products in Sea vessels within the Sehir Hatlari A.S., criminal sanctions are in question.